The vyro hookah is one of the best travel hookahs that can be used wherever you are going and is made up of V2A stainless steel and carbon. VYRO Penta hookah is designed and developed with materials that can be used for larger times.

The body of these VYRO hookah is made up of real carbon and not glass which is kind of perfect to use during the festivals and has excellent stability. The newly developed hookah comes with a blowout system that makes it quite impossible to blow out the smoke at first below the water.

vyro hookah

Vyro hookah

VYRO hookahs are designed by considering the entire center of gravity of the hookah down also they are quite small but stable enough to function and do not tip from the base easily. They are similar to the conventional hookah and come with the hose connection and blow-off value located at the bottom of the hookah.

The attachment is in the bottom that prevents the hose kinks or the hookah to be thrown when pulling on the hose. The VYRO is one of the integrated diffusers with pleasant drafts where sleeves can be interchangeable for better and faster use.

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