Guangzhou Tiansheng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is manufacturing LED headlight for car since 2004. Our main products are Truck LED light, LED fog lamp, LED auto headlight and bike LED light etc. We trust in honest, practical and efficient customer oriented business philosophy. Our main aim is to provide good quality and customer satisfaction to our valuable customers, so that we can make a healthy relationship between company and customers.

The company is today known as a specialized manufacturer of high quality car LED headlight bulb that make driving safe, secure and convenient for our customers. After using our products you definitely love your car while driving in night. Since 2004 the company has been focused on design and quality of product so that our customers can enjoy hassle-free experience while driving the car. We are continuously involved in increasing the quality and cost effectiveness of our products.

Led light for car headlight generally play the role of signal and lighting. The light produced by the LED can brighten the road in front of the car allowing the driver to drive securely in the night. With R&D capabilities and bulk production, we are a leading LED headlight manufacturer in the world. If you need complete information about our wide range of products you can visit our official website.

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