Are you searching for Post Construction Cleaning Port Harcourt after finishing a home improvement project? Ejecs is here to help you!

Home development can be a bit stressful without managing the mess of the job. Ejecs’ post-development tidy-up administrations will help your home make progress from building site to property. We are a private housekeeper administration that conveys non-harmful and eco-accommodating floor-to-roof house cleanings.

We offer an assortment of Janitorial Services Abuja and projects that can vanquish all your post-development needs. Regardless of whether it’s a speedy cleaning up, intensive profound clean, our cleaning professionals have the experience, best cleaning tools, and measures that will leave your home with an exactly clean environment.

Our services include:

• Remove dust, smudges, dirt, and scuffs

• remove all the dust from surfaces, woodwork, and installations, including roof fans

• Clean all the frames of windows, door, baseboards, and trim

• Clean the interior of the masonry

• Remove stickers from glass and windows

• Clean window blinds, inside cupboards, and inside storerooms

Find the top-known cleaning service in Lagos. You can hire Ejecs for having the top cleaning services in Lagos at affordable rates.

Go and try our services and order your request today! We provide you affordable services!

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