Leqi is one of the well known children indoor playground factory offering custom made kids indoor playground. All our designs of Chinese indoor playground for toddlers can be effectively altered to accommodate your space, your crowd and your spending plan.
We are manufacturing the strictest plan guidelines to make protected, fun and energizing play encounters for youngsters, all things considered, and capacities, while augmenting profit from venture.
Our indoor playgrounds are making your child happier.
In case you’re searching for business grade jungle gym hardware, Leqi is an incredible decision. As a leading indoor playground equipment company, we are offering many other things for your children like:

  1. Indoor Playground
  2. Playgrounds Equipments
  3. Mask

How an indoor playground can is so interesting?

At the point when your office offers a protected spot for kids to play, it’s an incredible method to unite your local area. Uniting families at your office sets out open doors for your association’s development that are genuinely interminable.

Why to choose Leqi indoor playground?

Best Quality

With the best plan and materials, high quality to any detail, our playing hardware is genuinely one of a kind.

Best Service

With full arranging, global conveyance and on location establishment, we deal with everything. Our administration doesn’t end there either as we additionally give thorough aftercare, like maintenance. You will not have to stress over a thing.

Safety in Design

As Leqi individuals we consider the wellbeing and appropriateness of our play gear with the most extreme significance. Insightful plan and firm security principles guarantee that all our playing items are completely safe for your children’s.

Get connect with our team to order indoor playground. Give your kid a gift that they want for long time.

You can contact us at:
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Fax:+86-020 31074119

Visit our site: https://www.leqiplayground.com/

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