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Why choose Notarizers for notary services?

Notarizers is one of the known firms servicing Canada and its provinces for Consent to Travel, Notary Public, Letter of Invitation, and other notary services. As a notary service, Notarizers enables anyone to get documents notarized online in a secure, convenient, and verifiable manner. Our mission is to make notarization easier, more confident, and more convenient for individuals and businesses. Through our secure online notary portal, Notarizers is revolutionizing the way you notarize documents from the convenience of your own home or office.

Why choose Notarizers for your online notarizations?

• 100% legally valid

It is as legally binding as notarizing in person at a notary office if you notarize your document or signature online.

• Full compatibility

No matter what device you are using, you can notarize your documents. All you need is a camera, your valid identification, and an active internet connection

• 5-star notaries

We’ve notarized countless documents online, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Clients rave about our notaries, and you will too

• Free Directions and Guidance

As a company that provides a variety of services, we are knowledgeable about what we provide. Therefore, we provide free directive and guidance before you place an order.

• No Hidden Fees

We disclose all costs upfront to clients, some fees of which are on our website.All reasonable related costs are included in our prices. We do not have any hidden agenda and there are no surprises.

• Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program is growing rapidly, and we offer a few great incentives for our partners. Join now!

• Privacy is Guaranteed

Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed to the highest level. We guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information.

• Exceptional Service

Generally, we respond to messages/emails within less than an hour if your message is sent during office hours. If your message is sent after hours or on a holiday, we respond on the next business day or as soon as possible.

• No Intermediaries

No intermediaries are involved in our services. Instead, our services are provided directly to the clients.

For further information on why you should choose Notarizers for your notary services, please contact Notarizers by email at Info@Notarizers.ca or by phone at 416-782-5926. Victor Opara. Victor Nnamdi Opara. Opara Law PC. Notary Public. RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Agent. Pardons, Waivers. Police Clearance. Notarizers.ca. TheFingerPrinter.com, RCMPeFingerprinting.com in North York, Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Ajax, Markham, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, and Brampton.