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Woman To Woman Naturals John Hopkins Children’s Center Happy Hour

Like the Good Samaritan, we should not be ashamed of touching the wounds of those who suffer, but try to heal them with concrete acts of love. A Good Samaritan is not simply one whose heart is touched in an immediate act of care and charity, but one who provides a system of sustained care.⠀

Self care and care of others are essential especially these days. Self-care is an essential component to living a healthy life. However, it’s totally possible to spread good vibes to people around us, to love ourselves and others through respect, gratitude, and kindness. Charity and volunteering not only benefit the recipient but You become happier and healthier.

All said, our resolution as a team, is to help those in need, to raise awareness, educate ourselves and hopefully, help someone smile more. ⠀

Starting today, on March 13th, on Good Samaritan Day, every month for only 48h during #W2NaturalsHappyHour Woman To Woman Naturals

Burnt Orange Patchouli Soap will be available for purchase. This product will not be available at any other time. ⠀

The price of the soap will remain the same, $5.99, and from each purchase Woman to Woman Naturals will donate $2 to Johns Hopkins Children’s

Center. Let’s make 2021 better together!

Guess, you want to know something more about Woman To Woman Naturals Burnt Orange Patchouli Soap so let’s find it out!

It’s made of cedarwood, rich and sweet orange, and patchouli which gives this soap a great aroma. Also, it has ingredients such as Olive Oil, Coconut

Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Orange Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, and much more.

Patchouli is a perennial shrub that grows up to one meter in height. It grows in the area of Southeast Asia and West Africa. The scent of patchouli

gained its greatest popularity in the 1960s and even today it is often associated with the ”flower children”- hippie movement, because it was used a

lot at that time. It also gives a beautiful aroma to this soap. So, if someone you know is a hippie then you have a great gift for them!

Additionally, for medicinal purposes, patchouli essential oil is used for acne, inflammatory processes on the skin, seborrhea, and psoriasis. That

makes this soap magical for your skin.

Also, olive oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, and natural fatty acids. This oil is a powerful ingredient of this soap, and it prevents skin aging and

wrinkles, also nourishes, rejuvenates, and protects the skin.

We all know that oranges not only have a pleasant aroma and taste, but also have a healing effect on the body, and fragrant oil from its peel

improves the condition of the epidermis. And it’s also an ingredient of our soap. The Burnt Orange Patchouli soap is loaded with beneficial

ingredients and smells amazing. It can be used as a facial and used on the entire body.

By buying the Burnt Orange Patchouli soap, you will be supporting the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

The Pandemic has made us all realize that life is short and fleeting.
Donate for love! And happiness, and mercy and empathy.
Talk to you soon, ladies. #W2NaturalsTeam.