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Latest Trends in Candle Label Printing

The scented candles or variety in candles with different flavors, sizes, colors, shapes, etc. makes them appealing and the best gift. The trends in the candle are more prominent and frequently changing according to consumer behaviors. The creative designs, ideas in the candle label printing captivates the user’s interest and lead to more sales.

Here are some major trends list for 2021

Skinny & Subtle looking labels
on candle jars and a narrowed label placed vertically down the front of your candle and horizontally on the edge that makes it more beautiful and elegant to use complementing the space. Printed label sticker rolls are great option to label your candle jar that looks enticing and are cost-efficient.

Diamond Candle Labels
The diamond shaped candle labels are trendsetters and makes them looks more appealing. There are perfect little home decor items loaded in a jar or tin wrapped with printed square labels. Candles look more classy and appealing in shelves of stores and boutiques with customized diamond labels.

Overlapped Labels
Overlapped labels showcases the proper creativity on the candle jar or tin. The overlapped labels can be used in the circle, rectangle, or scalloped label or can be customized as per your requirements.

What is the use of waterproof stickers?

Waterproof sticker printing is the elimination of environmental issues and contributes towards the betterment. These labels for plastic bottles eliminate the risk and require lesser storage space. These waterproof labels are used mainly by food and beverage, cosmetics, bath & body products, marine, and more to supply their products intact.

Here are the five benefits of using these stickers

  1. Durability
    The durability of the products to avoid harsh conditions and easier transportation. These bottles are transported outdoor without any external covering where waterproof printing stickers lessen the risk of getting damaged by sudden rain or snow.
  2. Sustainable Materials
    The material quality increases the security of the item. The substrate materials have fine adhesive, coating, and printing that does not affect the product. The label materials contain vinyl, polyester, brass, aluminum, and steel. These materials are water-resistant and work in certain conditions without disrupting the product flow.
  3. Printing Process
    The printing design is one of the crucial and vital factors that helps in creating the best label design. The label design is inclusive of ink, laser, and etching. The substrate components protect the product and label of the bottle in every harsh condition and survive for longer duration.

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