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How to use Electric Floor Scrubber?

Do you know how to use Floor Scrubber Machine? In this post, you will read out the steps and tips of using the Electric Floor Scrubber effectively.

The foundation of your floor finish base: 

It’s imperative that you apply your floor finish properly if you want your floors to last. A good base should be built and then maintained with scrub & recoat. If your base cannot be fixed by scrubbing and recoating, then scraping the floors would be the best option.

Start out with dust & damp mopping: 

The next step will be more efficient if all of the loose dirt and sand on your floors have been removed.

Remove gum that may stick: 

Although an auto scrubber or floor machine will get most of the job done, there are some materials that can be more difficult to get rid of. Dealing with them first will make things simpler.

Scrubbing remove all the dirt & soil off the top layer of your floor finish: 

Foot traffic rubs dirt and sand into your floors, so it’s important to carefully clean them before you recoat. Otherwise, they will just absorb the dirt. You can use a general-purpose cleaner with a blue scrubbing floor pad in the scenario mentioned above to prepare the floor for applying a new finish.

Scum left behind after scrubbing should be cleaned up before it dries: 

The least amount of grime can be removed by using a floor squeegee (and bucket), a wet/dry vacuum, and a squeegee, or by using an auto scrubber.

You want the floor to be as clean as possible as that will be the base for the finish recoat. If any residue remains, mop it with a neutralizer/conditioner once, then rinse it twice with clean water.

Let the floor dry

You should recoat your floor using standard floor finishing techniques. Depending on the condition of your floor, you may need 2-4 coats of floor finish in even, thin, to medium coats (adding enough drying time between coats).

For enhanced gloss, burnish your floors once they are completely dry (if your finish enables high-gloss burnishing).