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What are the Factors of Tungsten Carbide Rod?

The demand for tungsten carbide rods cannot even meet through distribution, development, and new carbide cutting tools. Despite a persistent increase in the demand for cutting tools, suppliers diligently develop more innovative and high-performance cutting tool products to meet such overwhelming needs.

Here are common Factors of Tungsten Carbide Rod. Check them out.

1. Instability
Material hardness is measured primarily with the Vickers and Rockwell hardness measurements. Because the Vickers and Rockwell tests are different, and care must take when converting from one system to the other.

2. Coercive Force
The residual magnetism in the hysteresis loop after the Cobalt (Co) binder in the grade of cemented carbide is magnetized and then demagnetized. Thus, the higher the coercive force value, the finer the grain size of the carbide phase will be.
3. Intensity
The density (specific gravity) of a material is the ratio of its mass to its volume. This is determined using the water displacement technique. For example, the density decreases linearly with increasing Cobalt content in the W-Co grade of cemented carbide.
4. Stress due to transverse rupture
Ina three-point bend test, the Transverse Rupture Stress (TRS), represents the ability of a material to resist bending.
5. Metallography

The cobalt phase will bind after sintering, causing excess cobalt to accumulate in some areas. In addition, if the acute phase is not entirely adhesive, there will be residual pores. This can detect with a metallographic microscope.
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What Is Use Of Advance And Precise Type Of Carbide Inserts?

Equipment and machinery used in various industries use a range of different types of small tools and TNMG cutting tools. The carbide cutting tools uses in various industrial applications and for the operation of machineries in automotive, aviation, energy resource, mining etc. industries.

Precision Operation and Cutting with CNC Machines

The CNC machines widely uses in different types of industrial applications and hence provide accurate and precise production. The use of precise CNC insert helps with advance operation with lower setting time. The insert carbide cutting tools are used with processing of tubes and metal pipes.

It helps in providing precision in the work with smooth finished production. The coating of the inserts with CVD helps in reduction friction and makes it resistant to wear and tear. The thick coating enhances the durability of the product enhancing its stability.

Use of Different Types of Inserts for Machines

There are different inserts and each of it made of wide range of material with its applicability in various industrial applications. The CCMT09T304 for example is a type of solid carbide insert and it has a multi layer coating on it. It has high speed of cutting, resistant to wear, and low friction.

• The carbide milling inserts mostly used for roughing or semi-finishing stainless steel. It has a high longevity with heat resistance and high speed of precision for cutting. It is perfect for roughing and high speed cutting.

• The carbide milling inserts are available in a number of shapes and hence it is convenient for using in different types of machines. The TNMG inserts used for slab or straddle type of milling.


• The carbide aluminium inserts helps in providing high speed and precise cutting and creates sharp cutting edges. However, it is useful when the cutting impact required is low and less powerful.

• The grooving Inserts are used for use in the grooving machines and equipment. The use of these inserts helps in creating groove or bores and it is available in a number of geometric shape. These help in creating grooves inside and outside of holder.

The tungsten inserts are cost-effective, precise, and durable for long term use in the CNC machines. The carbide inserts are used in different grade and available in a range of geometric shapes and size for customizing the speed of cutting and level of precision. It helps in creating better and advance finish quality.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Grooving and Inserts

Before purchase of the insert and grooves, it is important to know the quality. It is crucial to consider the design and specification of the machine before buying the inserts. Moreover, It must provide an optimal and precise speed of cutting and operation keeping in alignment with the machine standards.

The TNMG is generally triangle shaped insert and it is available in both coated and uncoated form. It has high resistance against wear and tear and perfect for a range of milling and cutting function. So, Choosing the precise tools helps in better machine operation.